Who is Naldöken Construction?

Naldöken Construction long ago became part of the Naldöken Group to meet the increasing demand for a professional English speaking Home Construction consultant in Dalyan. Mehmet Deniz Naldöken has been based in Dalyan for many years and, as a result, is well-acquainted with the local area and community.

Along with Naldöken Construction are Mehmets other businesses which comprise the Naldöken Group – The Original Shop – Deniz Giyim which carries original Levis, Wrangler, Lee, Billibong, Quicksilver and Seven Hill clothing. He also dabbles with The Dalyan News in English and devotes much of his time to teaching youth the art of Judo.

Mehmet wanted to offer an integrated service for potential homebuyers in Dalyan to make the process easier and more understandable to foreigners.

It is not easy to instantly adapt to new surroundings, and he knew that if you plan to invest your time, money and dreams in another country it can be a daunting task. Trying to deal with the language barrier, differing legal formalities and an entirely new culture can be a massive undertaking.

Naldöken Construction has created a user-friendly environment where ease of communication enhances the process of finding or building your new home enjoyable. At Naldöken Construction we believe that our clarity, integrity and reliability ensure a happy and positive outcome for all Naldöken Construction customers.

Combining our local knowledge with our experience Naldöken Construction can offer you a high quality, secure and professional service providing home construction and land acquisition advice, consultation and implementation – and deliver it on budget.

Naldöken Construction’s integrated services for construction of newbuild properties and a selection of turn-key properties are brought to you in a low key environment in your own language – if English is your language.

Naldöken Construction builds to a high standard and with meticulous attention being paid to every detail. Together with the client we discuss and agree in detail to each stage of the planning and construction process – ensuring a stress-free and professionally-managed building project.

The Certificate of Quality granted Naldöken Construction by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) places the Naldoken Group of companies in the forefront of home builders in the area. Our building projects subscribe to the highest standards available for materials and workmanship.

Every aspect of construction is now covered by İnternational Standards such as steel production of the reınforcing rods, cement and brick production and industry standards for all the plumbing and electrical systems.

Having this level of quality control enables Naldöken Construction to give a 10 year guarantee on all of our apartment and villa buildings.

All the suppliers to Naldöken Construction must also comply with these standards of workmanship and production control. All paperwork is prescribed to ensure constant checking and control of all manufactured products.

Naldöken Construction is leading the way in value and quality in the house building sector in Dalyan.

If your intention is to offer your home or villa for rent to holiday-makers, Naldöken Construction can assist in both property management and with rental and leasing services as well.

Office: 0090 252 284 3301
Mobile: 0090 549 572 7777
Fax: 0090 252 284 3487
E-mail: naldokenconstruction@gmail.com
E-mail: info@naldoken.com
Web : www.naldoken.com