Naldoken Construction After Sale Services

After Sale Services

Naldoken Construction offers an excellent after sales service contract designed to suit your individual needs and budget. Some of the services we offer include the following:

Airport transfers to and from Dalaman Airport for you or your guests/renters booked and confirmed locally.

Car hire pre-arranged for you or your guests/renters booked and confirmed locally.

Local staff available when you rent your house that will visit your property to check on your guests to check that they are happy and to advise on any excursions or address any needs they may have

Provide Gardening and Maintenance service during both tourist season and during the winter months.

Assist with acquiring home, home contents and earthquake insurance.

Provide assistance when applying for residency.

Arrange Satellite television, Broadband internet hookups and telephone service.

Acquainting buyer with postal services, bill paying options, propane gas delivery, bottled pure water delivery and the ins and outs of buying everything from white goods, and appliances to where to get the best deals on clothing and furniture.

If you intend to rent your property full or part time we can arrange house cleaning and swimming pool maintenance so that the property is always cleaned and prepared for your next renter.

We can even assist you with other details of property rentals such as reporting of rental income for tax purposes, client screening, scooter/bicycle maintenance and emergency home or swimming pool repairs.

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